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Order these business development presentations and taste the sweetness of an increase, promotion, better self-image, more respect, higher success, better results and above all self-fulfilment! These self-teaching business development presentations are available in MS Powerpoint Presentations file format (click through slides). The subjects were carefully selected for improvement in difficult and neglected functional areas. Apart from self-improvement, it can also be used as presentations to develop other individuals and groups. If you order any of these products, it will be e-mailed to you as an attachment. If you do not have Powerpoint Viewer, it can be downloaded free of charge from the Microsoft Web site.

Who will benefit? CEO's, tier 1, 2 and 3 managers, entrepreneurs, business owners, training consultants, human resources development practitioners and any person with career advancement ambitions.

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Business Plan

This module takes you through the steps to plan your new business idea. If you apply the suggestions your chances of success will greatly improve. The information is comprehensive and easy to understand. The module ends with a detailed layout of the business plan to be presented to your bank.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Basic bookkeeping concepts
Costing and pricing strategies
Mark-up and profit margins
Market research
Cash flow projections
Preparations for compilation of the business plan
The business plan

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Identification of Performance Indicators

This presentation takes you through the steps to identify the relevant performance areas and performance indicators for all positions in an organisation. It shows you how to identify the key, critical and specific objectives and how to identify key, critical and specific standards for measurement of performance.

The titles covered in this presentation slides:

Summary of design layout for key, critical & specific objectives
The two pillars of work
The functions & tasks in management work
Definitions for tasks
The management gap
Organisation planning process
Focus of three management groups
Org mission statement
Key objectives for the CE
Commitment analysis
Job description
Action plan
Quantifiable standards
Make-up of critical objectives & indicators

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Stock Control Techniques

This module takes you through the theory of stock control and outlines all modern replenishment techniques. It also tells you how to analyse and reduce stock in a professional way. You can hit big time respect with this module.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Ordering and holding cost
Economic situation
Economic order quantity
Re-order level
Safety stock
Analysis of stock
ABC, demand pattern, risk

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Motivation of Capital

This module shows you how to motivate new capital expenditure in a professional and scientific way. It will increase the approval rate of your motivations and is useful for all management levels.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Purpose of purchase
Payback period
Return on investment
Monetary contribution
Nett present value
Motivation layout

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Performance Appraisal Techniques

This universal woolly subject becomes untangled as you move through the slides. This module will help you to place performance appraisal on a professional pedestal in your organisation and earn you a heap of respect.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Purpose of module
Definition of performance appraisal
Purpose of performance appraisal
Sources of measurable criteria
Frequency of measurement
Scientific design of objectives and standards
Three scoring methods
Target matrix
Management control reports
Consensus technique
Personality traits
The mature appraisal
Evaluation of development areas
Golden rules

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Problem-solving with Ishikawa

This module shows you how to tackle and unravel problematic areas in the work place. It helps you to open up the underlying core causative factors to be addressed in fast lane mode. This technique is ideal for groups in quality circles.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

The fish bone diagram
Cascading the process
Conversion to a normal diagram
Actions to overcome barriers
Detailing action plans
The normal decision making process

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Strategic Planning

This module outlines the process steps to use this technique as a strategic problem solving tool, with emphasis on the implementation of plans and attainment of objectives. It can be used for organisations, departments and sections. Positions who may benefit are Chief Executives, Directors, Senior Managers, Middle Managers, Training & Development Managers and especially those persons who have ambitions for career advancement.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Present Situation
Internal Analysis
External Analysis
Finalising SWOT Analysis
Strategy Formulation
Forecasting volumes and values
Changing the Organisation Structure
Roll down of Departmental Objectives
Monitoring progress

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Understanding Human Behaviour

This module gives insight into human behaviour in the work place. If you want to learn more about what inspires people to get moving and how your behaviour can improve performance of others to enhance your own performance as a supervisor or manager, this is for you.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

Motivation defined
Negative defensive reactions
Formation of Attitudes
Needs theory of Maslow
Typical reactions to change
Management of change
Coping with change
Guidelines to cope with change
Communality of human needs
Different ways to group tasks
Job enrichment

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Project Planning and Execution

This module outlines the two critical functions of project preparation and management of the project life cycle. It will help you to tackle your next project in a professional way, which will increase your success rating.

Titles covered in this presentation slides:

1. Project Preparation:
1.1 Select & define the problem or project
1.2 Gather all the relevant facts
1.3 Analyse facts & draw conclusions
1.4 Project business plan layout requirements
2. Project Management:
2.1 Different types of projects
2.2 Uniqueness of projects
2.3 What to manage?
2.4 The project life cycle
2.5 Definition
2.6 Planning
2.7 Implementation
2.8 Completion & Evaluation of the project

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